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Right... Monthly updates... February is a month!...*ahem* The Homeworld SDL team presents the binary release of Linux 0.5 alpha
If you are a brave soul you can find the release in the highly dangerous Experimental Testing Area. Be sure to read the warnings and disclaimers scattered liberally around before you download anything. There. You have been warned :)

Lots of cross-platform news too:

Highlights for developers

  • Homeworld SDL now compiles under gcc 4!
  • clean up of the build configurations
  • new/improved IDE projects on Windows and Linux
  • Homeworld SDL playable on Windows (!)
  • The missing explosions were found in a basket on my doorstep... except for derelict explosions. Anyways, who blows up derelicts? Still, the search will continue!

Highlights for gamers

  • Homeworld SDL playable on Windows (!)
  • converted Bink .avi movie playback
  • fixed: NIS sequences getting chopped up a bit.
  • fixed: menu buttons missing text after a resolution change
  • fixed: mouse cursor now aligns with movement disc when using resolutions with a widescreen aspect ratio
  • fixed: saving of user preferences; more multiplayer settings remembered.

Oh yeah... we've actually had a Linux binary release since 0.3. It seems that 0.4 alpha quietly picked the lock on its cage and escaped in December of 06...

Drop by the forums and let us know what you think... and maybe you could lend us a hand yourself :)

admin [at] nekomimicon [dot] net

Old News

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Hmmm... monthly update? OK. Over in Homeworld SDL aunxx is in the middle of upgrading the codebase to gcc 4 standards. The source will now compile and run withh gcc 4, with some visual hiccups like missing explosions. A massive search for the missing explosions is underway, but no ransom demands have been received. Compiling the source with gcc 3.3 results in the usual explosions...

So I think we can expect full gcc 4 compatibility rather sooner than we thought for.

In addition to much general housekeeping and reorganzation of the codebase, lmop has commenced the long-discussed deprecation of Relic's rgl in favor of a straight OpenGL implementation. To this end he has formally divorced rgl from the Mac OS X portions of the code... (no big deal, really, as they have been living separately and seeing other API's for some time now.) In addition he has laid the groundwork for all further API work to be done through SDL and OpenGL.

And that invitation is still open: Drop by the forums and see what's happening... and maybe you could lend us a hand yourself :)

Been a while since I last updated this, but the news has been good. Homeworld SDL is still the most active branch of Homeworld source coding, and now nova has gotten the Homeworld SDL port of the source to compile under win32! lmop continues his work on the Mac OS X port of HW-SDL, and alankila and I continue to work on the Linux port. It seems that that little pawprint... -er-... Officially Unofficial Homesource Logo... in the upper left corner of the pages is finally able to live up fully to it's symbology.

Drop by the forums and see what's happening... and maybe you could lend us a hand yourself :)

lmop scores! The Subversion server at Homeworld SDL is up and running for real this time.

He's changed the ports so check out the the forums for the appropriate svn strings to use.

As lmop's HW-SDL subversion server seems to be down for an indefinite period I'm making a copy of the last checkout, HW-SDL revision 111, available to folks who meet the RDN source license agreement.

It's simply something to work with and comment on until a better solution can be found. See the forums for details.

Apparently lmop has the Homeworld SDL subversion repository back up, because I just checked out revision 111.
Edit: I goofed, the repository is still being worked on and is still a hit-or-miss proposition. I should have checked with lmop before making myself look more silly than usual :)

Homeworld SDL's new server is up and running. To access this Subversion server go to http://www.homeworldsdl.org and follow the simple instructions.

You know you want to do it... :)

Homeworld SDL has a brand-new domain name and web site, and an updated Subversion repository for the SDL-ported Homeworld source code should be going up there soon as well... :)

Laurence Passmore ( lmop of Machomeworld fame) is now also running the HW-SDL site.

Right now the HW-SDL site is under construction, but lmop has been kind enough to keep us appraised of his progress in the Sourceforum

Basic functions are being restored
The forums are back up: Sourceforum

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