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The following links will lead you to the source files needed to start building Homeworld on your PC.


Homeworld is not Open Source software.

Relic Entertainment, the creator of Homeworld, insists that anyone who wishes to work with the Homeworld source code must agree to an End User License Agreement (EULA) and become a member of the Relic Developers Network (RDN).

This means that any work you do with the source code proper may only be distributed to other RDN members, although you may freely distribute binaries made from your modified source code, and it also means that everything you develop with the Homeworld source code legally belongs to Relic Entertainment.

Yah... this hasn't helped spur any real development of the original Homeworld game beyond the type of mods we've already seen in abundance. The mod developers do great work, mind you, but no matter how clever the workarounds they use to trick the game into doing the things they want they always run into the brick wall of "that function is hard-coded; we can't do anything with that."

And so to go beyond the hard-coded limits, to work with the Homeworld source code itself, we must play by Relic's rules.

To extract the source executable supplied through the link below you will have to agree to a copy of the Relic Entertainment RDN License clickwrapped around the executable. (Wine under linux will do for running the clickwrap.)

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Homesource is an unofficial resource for those interested in compiling and modifying the source code for the game HOMEWORLD. Homesource is not affiliated in any way with Relic Entertainment, Inc. or with Sierra Entertainment, Inc.

Homeworld is copyright 1999-2003 Relic Entertainment and Sierra Entertainment. Relic Entertainment and the Relic Entertainment logo are trademarks of Relic Entertainment, Inc. HOMEWORLD, the Homeworld logo, and the Sierra logo are registered trademarks of Sierra Entertainment, Inc.