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PostPosted: Tue Oct 30, 2007 1:41 pm 
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This is a follow-up to the post on Relic Forums: Sensors Manager - Show actual model of ships other than Cruiser and Mothership? which is being tracked by Make Sensor Manager rendering of object meshes configurable.

In short: whether to display large objects as 3D-meshes in the sensor manager is determined by a hard-coded list in src/Game/Sensors.c. This should really be configurable by an entry in the appropriate .shp file - or should it...

Whilst looking into this it occurred to me that this isn't great behaviour either. For example, if a mod were to provide vessels with cloaking devices, say, then the class-configuration is no longer appropriate; it's specific to the object in question. Also, why should you have to declare which objects are visible at all? I've always assumed that the "real world" reason objects show up as meshes is because they're so large/massive that sensors have no trouble determining what they were or what they were doing (however, I'm unable to find any documentation that supports this). If this behaviour is applied, then anything over a certain mass should be drawn as a mesh unless overridden by the object for some reason (e.g. cloaking device). Looking at the mass distribution and mesh configuration to see if there is an appropriate threshold, we have:

derelicts/planetoforigin_scarred           10000000.0
derelicts/planetoforigin                   10000000.0
derelicts/homeworld                        10000000.0
resources/asteroids/asteroid4               1000000.0
r2/headshotasteroid                          200000.0    (SM_Mesh)
r1/headshotasteroid                          200000.0    (SM_Mesh)
traders/miningbase                           100000.0    (SM_Mesh)
traders/floatingcity                         100000.0    (SM_Mesh)
r2/mothership                                100000.0    (SM_Mesh)
r1/mothership                                100000.0    (SM_Mesh)
p3/p3megaship                                100000.0    (SM_Mesh)
p3/p3frigate                                 100000.0
derelicts/scaffoldfingerb_scarred            100000.0    (SM_Mesh)
derelicts/scaffoldfingera_scarred            100000.0    (SM_Mesh)
derelicts/scaffold_scarred                   100000.0    (SM_Mesh)
derelicts/scaffold                           100000.0
derelicts/prisonshipold                      100000.0
derelicts/prisonshipnew                      100000.0
derelicts/prisonship                         100000.0
derelicts/m13panelc                          100000.0
derelicts/m13panelb                          100000.0
derelicts/m13panela                          100000.0
derelicts/junk3_boilercasing                 100000.0
derelicts/junk3_boiler                       100000.0
derelicts/angelmoon_clean                    100000.0
derelicts/angelmoon                          100000.0
r2/heavycruiser                               10000.0    (SM_Mesh)
r2/carrier                                    10000.0    (SM_Mesh)
r1/heavycruiser                               10000.0    (SM_Mesh)
r1/carrier                                    10000.0    (SM_Mesh)
p2/p2mothership                               10000.0    (SM_Mesh)
p1/p1mothership                               10000.0    (SM_Mesh)
r2/cryotray                                    4000.0    (SM_Mesh)
r1/cryotray                                    4000.0    (SM_Mesh)
resources/asteroids/asteroid3                  2000.0
r2/standarddestroyer                           1800.0
r1/standarddestroyer                           1800.0
traders/researchstation                        1000.0    (SM_Mesh)
traders/junkyardhq                             1000.0
r2/missiledestroyer                            1000.0
r1/missiledestroyer                            1000.0
p3/p3destroyer                                 1000.0
derelicts/shipwreck                            1000.0
derelicts/junk2_shipwreck                      1000.0
derelicts/junk2_paneld                         1000.0
derelicts/junk2_panelc                         1000.0
derelicts/junk2_panelb                         1000.0
derelicts/junk2_panela                         1000.0
derelicts/heavycruiser                         1000.0    (SM_Mesh)
derelicts/fragmentstrut                        1000.0    (SM_Mesh)
derelicts/fragmentpanel3                       1000.0    (SM_Mesh)
derelicts/fragmentpanel2                       1000.0    (SM_Mesh)
derelicts/fragmentpanel1                       1000.0    (SM_Mesh)
derelicts/fragmentpanel0c                      1000.0    (SM_Mesh)
derelicts/fragmentpanel0b                      1000.0    (SM_Mesh)
derelicts/fragmentpanel0a                      1000.0    (SM_Mesh)
derelicts/fragment                             1000.0
derelicts/carrier                              1000.0    (SM_Mesh)
r2/resourcecontroller                           600.0
r1/resourcecontroller                           600.0
traders/ghostship                               500.0
derelicts/lifeboat                              500.0
derelicts/junk1_strut                           500.0
derelicts/junk1_shell                           500.0
derelicts/junk1_partb                           500.0
derelicts/junk1_parta                           500.0
derelicts/junk0_sensors                         500.0
derelicts/junk0_panel                           500.0
derelicts/junk0_gunammo                         500.0
derelicts/junk0_fin2                            500.0
derelicts/junk0_fin1                            500.0
derelicts/junk0_antenna                         500.0
derelicts/crate                                 500.0
resources/asteroids/asteroid2                   450.0
traders/junkyarddawg                            400.0
r2/standardfrigate                              400.0
r2/salcapcorvette                               400.0
r2/resourcecollector                            400.0
r2/ioncannonfrigate                             400.0
r2/gravwellgenerator                            400.0
r2/dfgfrigate                                   400.0
r2/cloakgenerator                               400.0
r2/advancesupportfrigate                        400.0
r1/standardfrigate                              400.0
r1/salcapcorvette                               400.0
r1/resourcecollector                            400.0
r1/ioncannonfrigate                             400.0
r1/gravwellgenerator                            400.0
r1/dddfrigate                                   400.0
r1/cloakgenerator                               400.0
r1/advancesupportfrigate                        400.0
p2/p2multibeamfrigate                           400.0
p2/p2fuelpod                                    400.0
p1/p1ionarrayfrigate                            400.0
derelicts/standardfrigate                       400.0
derelicts/resourcecontroller                    400.0
derelicts/ioncannonfrigate                      400.0
derelicts/dddfrigate                            400.0
derelicts/advancesupportfrigate                 400.0
resources/dustclouds/dustcloud3                 350.0
r2/sensorarray                                  300.0
r2/researchship                                 300.0
r1/sensorarray                                  300.0
r1/researchship                                 300.0
r2/repaircorvette                               150.0
r2/multiguncorvette                             150.0
r2/minelayercorvette                            150.0
r2/lightcorvette                                150.0
r2/heavycorvette                                150.0
r1/repaircorvette                               150.0
r1/multiguncorvette                             150.0
r1/minelayercorvette                            150.0
r1/lightcorvette                                150.0
r1/heavycorvette                                150.0
p1/p1standardcorvette                           150.0
p1/p1missilecorvette                            150.0
resources/nebulae/nebula0                        40.0
resources/dustclouds/dustcloud2                  40.0
traders/junk_sgun                                30.0
traders/cargobarge                               30.0
resources/asteroids/asteroid1                    30.0
r2/targetdrone                                   25.0
r2/proximitysensor                               25.0
r2/probe                                         25.0
r1/targetdrone                                   25.0
r1/proximitysensor                               25.0
r1/probe                                         25.0
derelicts/salcapcorvette                         25.0
derelicts/repaircorvette                         25.0
derelicts/multiguncorvette                       25.0
derelicts/minelayercorvette                      25.0
derelicts/lightcorvette                          25.0
derelicts/heavycorvette                          25.0
traders/junk_lgun                                20.0
resources/asteroids/asteroid0                    10.0
r2/heavyinterceptor                              10.0
r2/heavydefender                                 10.0
r2/defensefighter                                10.0
r2/attackbomber                                  10.0
r1/heavyinterceptor                              10.0
r1/heavydefender                                 10.0
r1/cloakedfighter                                10.0
r1/attackbomber                                  10.0
p2/p2advanceswarmer                              10.0
p1/p1fighter                                     10.0
resources/gasclouds/gascloud1                     8.0
resources/dustclouds/dustcloud1                   8.0
r2/mine                                           8.0
r2/lightinterceptor                               8.0
r2/lightdefender                                  8.0
r1/lightinterceptor                               8.0
r1/lightdefender                                  8.0
p2/p2swarmer                                      8.0
r1/drone                                          2.0
resources/gasclouds/gascloud0                     1.0
resources/dustclouds/dustcloud0                   1.0
r2/missile                                        0.0
r1/missile                                        0.0
r1/mine                                           0.0
p1/missile                                        0.0

At first glance, it looks promising with a cut-off threshold of a mass of 1000 units. However there are some gotchas:

1) Exceedingly large objects (planets/moons) need to be filtered (> 1,000,000, say). These are usually drawn outside the game "volume" anyway so this isn't too bad.

2) There are a lot of objects with a mass of 100,000 which don't get drawn. Most are "junk" objects but there are lighter junk objects which do get drawn so this cannot be a filtering criteria on its own.

3) Resource asteroids are never drawn even if they are very big (to be honest, this has always annoyed me since it would be nice to know where the highest resource density regions on a map are).

4) Standard/missile destroyers are massive enough to be drawn but are not.

Now the original configuration is almost certainly attempting to do two things:

1) Highlight objects of interest (major threats; provide 3D reference points)

2) Reduce the polygon count to prevent slow down when the entire map volume is in view

I'm somewhat hesitant to just draw a whole load of other stuff because of point 2. However, I'll have a go at implementing this and see what happens but I'm curious if anyone has a good idea how to automate the "massive enough to be drawn but not important enough to warrant it" filtering. (A possible compromise/solution might be a mass-divided-by-distance threshold instead so only relatively nearby, large masses are drawn as meshes.)

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 12:29 pm 
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I think this is a designer's issue... how about sticking the list of objects that the game/mod/map designers think should be "SM visable" in a .cfg file somewhere?

That might also go well with a cata-style "My SM View" option....

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