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PostPosted: Sun Dec 21, 2014 6:44 pm 

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Hey there,

I am trying to get the word out and gather interest for , Sierra's World Opponent Network Replacement Project

First a little background about the Sierra's World Opponent Network(WON):
Starting around 1999 Sierra had launched a gaming network called the World Opponent Network. The network was created for matchmaking, user authentication, chatting and much more. Sierra's Major debut came with the release of HomeWorld.
As most people know WON.Net's Demise started around 2004 when valve switched the gold-source engine to steam. Until 2007 the network lived on, but was chocked full of problems including a few major server outages. Around that time the sierra networking team decided that the network was a success, but the architecture is old and not worth updating to keep up with the time.
Most of the supported games died with the closure of won. Aliens vs Predators 2, Homeworld/Cataclysm, Startrek Armada, Arc, Silencer, Soldier of furtune, Ground Control, Darkreign2 and many many more. Half-life the exception, being switched to steam.

Current Situation:
This left many gaming communities to fend for themselves. Most of them using a mix of Memory hacking, packet tinkering and scrounging the net for old code. A few have successfully (after 3-4 years) created their own network emulation. The problem is that the networks created were game specific, and lacked many of the original features.
Still, less than a handful have stood the test of time.

The NeuWon project is a Recreation of the old World Opponent Network created by, Sierra.
My original intentions were to create an authentication server for hl1(won), to play fully authenticated and use the chat features; which hadn't worked (on presteam half-life) since 2004.

It took me nearly a year and a half to create a semi-working authentication server. At that time i had got in contact with an old developer who shared 90% of the original API and server code with me. With the exception of code that pertains to anything that is not considered abandonware.
We are roughly 98% complete. Meaning that all the servers are complete.
The only remaining parts of the project (besides the website) is ensuring all features in all games work correctly and efficiently. In most cases this deals with tweaking game specific configurations on the server side.

Since this project has gotten so big, i have been hesitant to finish it because no one seems to show any interest. Hopefully this email will gather some.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and i hope you share it with your friends and gaming communities.

P.S. This is free project. I am looking for anyone who wants to help with code(c/cpp), web admins& moderators, web developers(html, php) and anyone else who has anything they could contribute.

Thank you,
shefben at
AIM: Degeneration00
Steam: DR.Ben

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