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 Post subject: HomeworldSDL.big
PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 2:06 pm 
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HomeworldSDL.big is available as of r552.

For the record, I hate non-extensible code. I hate endian issues. I hate copy-and-paste-and-tweaked duplicated code. I hate copy-and-paste-and-tweaked duplicated code for multiple platforms even more. I hate buggy code that can't be completely fixed because too much relies on the broken behaviour. I hate code that needs cleaning up so much you can't actually see what needs fixing. In short, I did not enjoy r552 much - it was a pain in the arse. Anyway, moving on...

There is now a new directory at the root of your working copy: HomeworldSDL_big (note the underscore). This is a directory into which revised versions of the files in Homeworld.big and Update.big should be placed. This directory can then be converted into a real .big archive: HomeworldSDL.big (note the full stop). The directory hierarchy needs to retain that of the original .big files in order for files to be overridden correctly. Please only add those files that have been updated to fix an issue, rather than just being cleaned up (although once they include an actual code fix, by all means clean them up!). When committing new files, please do a multi-stage commit of the file from Homeworld.big/Update.big so we have a full history.

My recommendation is that when testing/playing around, you set your environment path for local filesystem override files to HomeworldSDL_big (underscore). That way when you are happy things are working correctly you can commit them directly.

The game will read files in the following order:

- override directory on local filesystem. If you follow my suggestion above, this will be HomeworldSDL_big (underscore; directory hierarchy)
- HomeworldSDL.big (full stop; real .big archive)
- Update.big
- Homeworld.big

In another thread, I said that the game shouldn't care whether HomeworldSDL.big (full stop) is a real .big file or a directory when distributed. I still believe that but that's not the way it currently works... HomeworldSDL.big (full stop) needs to be a real .big archive, in the same directory as Homeworld.big, Update.big and the other data files. However, it is not currently required to be installed.

You can convert HomeworldSDL_big (directory hierarchy) into HomeworldSDL.big (real .big archive), for distribution with binaries, by using the utility script within HomeworldSDL_big. This requires that you have tools/biggie compiled (make sure you (re)compile it after updating your working copy to r552). HomeworldSDL.big (real .big archive) will be created in the root of the working copy, alongside HomeworldSDL_big (directory).

As ever, let me know if you notice any odd behaviour.

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